Tuesday, November 22, 2005

G Love & the Special Sauce

"Some of these days,
I just can’t seem to get out of bed.
Waking up spider webs growing up in my hair,
I’ve been last; tumbleweeds growin up in my face,
It seems just like it’s a good time to
Blast off to space..."
(Momma I'm an astronaut)
Wouldn't cha like to spend Christmas...
On Christmas Island?
(Best cookies ever Claire I am going to marry you for your cookies) "Some of these days despite all the things that in my head,

Some of the days I love you despite all the shit you said,

Tumbleweeds, rolling on rolling on around this townI’m blasting off;

I don’t even think I hang around..." Miss Blue.
" I just need a spaceship to get me right out of here,

I wish I had never met you let you in my stratosphere..."

"Spider webs getting in my brain,
I’m the brother that you drove insane..."

"I’m just a kid from the Milky Way,

I’m blasting off momma I can’t stayyyy..."


Blogger Greezlee said...

I thought there are no women on earth with taste of humour. I'm gald i was wrong ;-)

3:39 AM  

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