Friday, November 11, 2005

Deadbeats Concierto

Crazy Drag construction worker.

And then Erin was all like "oh ma gosh I love your hat."

Lissa, you should look into being a fashion consultant because
you always look FAB.

Kristin, me likey your new hair doo.
However, this whole black eye thing really isn't you.

A watcha-ma-callit.

And then Erin was all like "Oh ma gosh this drum is like way heavier than it looked!"

Ya Wizards.

One minute,
And then what?.

Ali was ready to go home.

A dam A dam A daaaaaaaaaaam.


"Oh ma gosh we're like gunna see them like in person and I like
get to touch their drums!"

Frickin awesome solos wizards.


Squibbel-y Flabit-ty doooooooo

Behind the music.

looks like a signature.


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